Why Choose Speak Up Impact Workshops


  • Fast & Impactful

    Experience transformative communication workshops tailored to your organization's needs, delivering quick results and lasting changes.

  • Flexible & Sticky

    Whether in-person or online, our workshops create unforgettable experiences that maximize participant expression and engagement, with short modules that fit seamlessly into your organization's workflow.

  • Comprehensive Solution

    All of our solutions can be mixed and matched to boost communication in your organization. Additionally, our Touchpoints offer additional learning, coaching supervision, or mentoring to make the most out of your options.

  • Global Reach & Expertise

    With a diverse network of top facilitators, we have experience working with organizations worldwide, ensuring cultural relevance and a global perspective.

  • Science-Backed Techniques

    Discover innovative and proven tools based on therapeutic photography techniques to promote free expression and sustainable transformation.

Workshops Menu:

Explore our collection of ready-made solutions that address a variety of challenges faced by employees and teams in the organization.

Our workshops vary from 3 to 4 hours. Short yet impactful, being the optimal learning time and easy to fit in within a busy schedule:


  • Let's Bond
    Unleash Authentic Relationships
    Experience the magic of meaningful dialogues and bond with your co-workers in ways you've never experienced before. Let's create connections that foster a sense of belonging and build authentic relationships within your organization.
  • Team Sync
    Collaborative Cohesion
    Uncover and understand the dynamics of team collaboration. In this workshop, participants will gain insights into their roles within the team, fostering a deeper understanding of each other's strengths and learning how to work together more effectively.
  • Resolving Conflicts
    Building New Bridges
    This workshop provides an opportunity to vent emotions, uncover underlying tensions, and dissolve conflicts by creating a safe and open space for teams to address their issues. Building bridges of mutual understanding allows teams to grow and collaborate on a whole new level.
  • Values-Driven Impact
    Unite through Shared Values
    Deepen the connection between your employees and your team/organization's values. This workshop focuses on aligning goals with values to create a stronger sense of purpose and engagement, cultivating a lasting connection with organizational values that drive success.

Our Touchpoints and Tailor Made:

Our Touchpoints are individual sessions designed to integrate the learning, from using the Speak Up toolkit/digital resources to supporting the integration of Speak Up Skills & Workshops into your organization:


  • Train the Trainer

    Train your key communication employees (HR, team leaders, managers) in using Speak Up (Toolkit & Digital) to host and facilitate meaningful dialogues and conversation sessions. From creating a safe space to using our Dialogue Starters or crafting their own, they will be ready to tackle any conversation need.

  • Integration sessions

    Coaching, mentoring, supervision, and Q&A. We are here to support your organization's learning in open and effective communication. With our integration sessions, we ensure that your organization's learning journey in communication remains cohesive, impactful, and geared towards successful outcomes.

What are people saying?

Here is a taste of their experience:

  • Marjolaine Rompre – Director L’Oréal,   Canada
    Aug 2023

    We use Points of You in team development interventions and witnessed team members quickly opening up with each other, identifying various team dysfunctions and vowing to overcome them.

  • R. Yiousellis Logicom,   Cyprus
    Aug 2023

    What impresses me the most is collaborative tools. It has significantly changed the way we brainstorm and make decisions. Points of You has also fostered a sense of transparency and accountability within the team

  • Erim Kirca, HUGO BOSS,   
    Apr 2023

    I think Points of You® is the most effective way for team activities. It is simple, useful and funny. Thanks!

A Simple Method, Huge Impact

With over 16 years of global experience and thousands of organizations worldwide using our tools, we are committed to helping teams achieve greater insights, performance, and overall well-being.

Our programs are actionable, memorable, and drive organization-wide results for companies of all sizes, cross-culture, cross-gender, cross-generations!

Lets Talk
  • 30+ Languages
  • 147+ Countries
  • 2000+ Facilitators
  • 500K+ Participants

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