A mindful break. Pausing allows us to shift our inner frequency from the always-busy everyday frequency to a quieter one, enabling us to look deeper. It is a necessary step on our journey to break free of our “thought loop” and automatic reactions and actions, especially those preventing us from being where we want to be.


Countless Points of View. In this stage we search for the unknown, not knowing where it may lead us. We allow a shift from our familiar comfort zone– to a world of new opportunities, insights and WOW moments. At the end of this stage we know this:
Anything is possible.


A Conscious Choice. Now we focus on our most significant insights. We use guiding questions to clarify and define exactly which of the newly discovered possibilities is right for our journey or for the issue at hand.


Create a New Reality. It’s time to advance from thought to action. We draft an action plan or To-Do List that outlines the necessary steps and sets the timetable for realizing our insights.

Connecting Logic & Intuition

Another cornerstone of the Points of You® method is the interaction between the right brain, the intuitive and emotional half of the brain, and the left brain, focused on logic and analysis.

This occurs when we look at a photograph and a word at the same time. The photograph stimulates our right, creative, brain while the word activates the left, analytical, brain.

  • Pause
  • Expand
  • Focus
  • Doing

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