Why Companies Choose Our Programs

  • Culture of Dialogue

    We build frameworks for open dialogue that help teams learn from mistakes, tackle challenges, and find creative solutions, fostering belonging and commitment.

  • Experiential Learning

    Our interactive, playful, and profound training sessions provide the quickest and most effective hands-on learning for your organization.

  • Science-Backed Techniques

    Our programs use visual, physical, and digital tools based on proven coaching and phototherapy methods, supporting growth and meaningful conversations long after the workshop ends.

  • Flexibility and Applicability

    Our flexible modules adapt to your needs, whether in-person or online, for one-time workshops, ongoing sessions, one-on-ones, small groups, or large conferences.

  • Sustainable Learning

    Our workshops focus on proactive, easy-to-implement actions that create immediate and lasting change.

  • Global Reach

    Our diverse network of Certified Trainers ensures cultural relevance and broad perspectives for global organizations.

Our Workshops Menu

Discover our four bestselling workshops, each ranging from 2 to 4 hours. Short yet impactful, they offer optimal learning within a busy schedule.

  • Click & Connect
    Unleash Authentic Relationships
    Experience the magic of meaningful dialogues and connect with colleagues in ways you’ve never experienced before. This workshop is designed to enhance organizational culture by promoting stronger bonds among team members.
  • Team Fusion
    Building a Winning Team
    Participants gain insights into their roles, dynamics and strengths, learning to synergize their abilities for effective collaboration. Leave with actionable insights and tools to enhance team collaboration and effectiveness.
  • The Culture Compass
    Align for Success
    This workshop crafts a cohesive code of values, fostering unified communication and strong partnerships. Strategic alignment enhances internal cohesion and amplifies your distinct marketplace identity, paving the way for long-term success.
  • Train the Trainer
    Master Experiential Training
    Participants will learn to utilize the Speak Up Toolkit effectively, enhancing their abilities to conduct dynamic assessments, provide engaging feedback, streamline onboarding, and facilitate team building through experiential methods.

Need a Custom Solution?

From short and effective skill development programs to comprehensive learning ecosystems – we invite you to a free consultation with our expert, where we’ll help you find the optimal solution for your organizational needs.

What are people saying?

Trusted by top companies, here’s what our customers say:

  • Catherine Fouilland – ICF Certified Coach – Founder of Akadi,   France
    Jun 2024

    As an ICF-certified coach and founder of Akadi, I found the answer with Speak Up by Points of You®️. This precise and dynamic tool fosters deep exchanges and collective development. A true revelation!

  • Linda Verplanck – Senior Director, TEVA,   Netherlands
    Jun 2024

    ...I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for such a great learning experience and overall support to help us be Assertive Business Partners.

  • Marjolaine Rompre – Director L’Oréal,   Canada
    Aug 2023

    We use Points of You in team development interventions and witnessed team members quickly opening up with each other, identifying various team dysfunctions and vowing to overcome them.

A Simple Method, Huge Impact

With over 17 years of global experience and thousands of organizations worldwide using our tools, we are committed to helping teams achieve greater insights, performance, and overall well-being.

Our programs are actionable, memorable, and drive results for companies of all sizes, across cultures, genders, and generations!

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  • 30+ Languages
  • 147+ Countries
  • 2000+ Facilitators
  • 500K+ Participants

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