What Will You Gain From Our Tools?

Discover why thousands of professionals use our tools daily in their practice

Add Color, Creativity & Juiciness  

Using creative, visual and intuitive tools enriches your professional toolkit and helps you lead personal development processes that are experiential, inspirational and surprising.

Connection with No Boundaries

We’ve especially designed our tools to be cross culture, gender and age, and that’s why you can use them with anyone for deeper observation, connection and common language.

Unlimited Diverse Settings

Solo, one-on-one, in a workshop or with large group – our tools are easily adaptable to any audience, theme, objective and method. Follow your own ideas or use our free knowledge base.

Develop Courage & Embrace Vulnerability

Our tools create the perfect setting for a deep & authentic dialogue. They allow participants to open up and express their passions, fears and challenges in a safe learning environment.

Images as a Powerful Trigger

Our tools are based on a rich photographic language that bypasses logic. Images and metaphors create an instant access to our imagination, intuition and resources.

Put a Question Mark

Our tools help you offer participants fresh views about their life-issues and to guide them on a discovery journey for new points of view on their identity, preferences and priorities.

Meet Our Tools

We’ve created different tools for any audience, purpose or method.
You can use them at your clinic, sessions, workshops, team meetings,
with your family and even on your own.

The Coaching Game

Our original best-selling tool that boosts self-development


A dynamic & metaphorical tool that helps you stimulate a moment of discovery and clarity

FLOW_main (1)

A powerful yet gentle tool to enhance well-being and find balance

FACES_main (1)

A straightforward and powerful tool about people & relationships

Facilitation Boost

Creative stationary to enhance the impact of your facilitation

Inspiration Vibes

Add creativity and inspiration to your practice and day-to-day


What are people saying?

Every day, thousands of professionals throughout the world work with our must-have tools, that are an asset to any professional toolkit


I couldn’t be more excited to use the tools and the processes with my clients. The freedom and belief they gave me personally was transformative.

Deborah Edwards,  United States (US)

Points of You tools help you provide clarity in the process, and makes people trust you and fall in love with them.

Sylvia Coca Herrero,  Spain

I used Points of You tools in my work with ChinampasMX, Visionarios2030 and Lennox, and it worked like magic.

Quique Torres,  Spain

I use the tools with my partner when I want to practice the processes that I am building, but I also have a deep conversation with him along the way.

Rina Levitt,  Israel

I have run a number of story-making workshops with groups of 3-5 year old using the tools. Kindergarten teachers and parents are always amazed by thier power and how they give freedom to children's ideas.

Tomohisa Hashimoto,  Japan

The tools stimulate communication among employees to share their thoughts. Their hearts become connected and filled with the feeling of supporting each other.

Kosuke Horano,  Japan

I use these unique tools whenever I can. It allows to make learning activities more diverse, and the outcome are always surprising. The tools let you move more deeply into the topic of the workshops.

Radek Pernica,  Czech Republic

I've used The Coaching Game, Punctum & Faces with insurance company client - the objective was to: help managers visualize their 3 year goals. The tools helped make their goals clear for implementation.

Salmon Chow,  Hong Kong

The whole Points of You experience is a true life changer. The tools bring light on so many different levels, and allow you to feel free to be the openhearted person you were meant to be.

Zouliga Malki

When using tools with my family it's always a very deep and authentic experience. All that needs to be shared comes out without any taboo.

Said Mellouli,  Belgium

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