How Open Dialogue Makes All The Difference

Changing the way your team communicates is building your team for success. Here’s what you’ll gain:

Solutions For Busy Executives

Our playful no-nonsense tools were made to seamlessly integrate into busy managers’ workflows and suit common workplace scenarios.

Effective Therapeutic Photography Tools

Playful and fun yet surprisingly deep, we base our tools on tried and tested science-backed techniques. They ignite the imagination, provoke the mind and spark authentic dialogues.

Increase Productivity

Boost performance by coordinating team effort and ensuring everyone is on the same page. Improve information flow within your team and avoid miscommunication and knowledge loss.

Improve Employee Satisfaction & Retention

Effective communication is crucial to ensure that employees feel supported, engaged, and valued. Foster a fulfilling experience to boost retention, motivation, and productivity.

Encourage Team Bonding

Use our effective solutions to connect your team on a deeper level. Build stronger relationships and a greater sense of belonging, and make your work environment more fun!

Communicate Effectively with Speak Up Solutions for Organizations


Speak Up Toolkit

A game-changing toolkit that empowers teams to communicate and collaborate effectively, for greater success in the fast-paced, high-performance workplace. Spark honest conversations and take your team’s communication skills to the next level, with this playful, engaging therapeutic photography-based tool.

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Speak Up Digital

Your ultimate solution for hosting online meetings that connect and engage.
Using our unique therapeutic-photography technics, make your team more collaborative and motivated, and increase productivity and well-being. Access professional resources available only for Speak Up Digital, including online sessions and extras!

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Speak Up Skills

Fun, engaging, experiential, and packed with practical know-how: these 3-hour skill booster trainings are a must-have for all team leaders, HR personell, and L&D managers. Gain a solid foundation in essential communication skills to enhance your workplace communication.

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Speak Up Impact

Our collection of ready-made solutions that address a variety of challenges faced by employees and teams in the organization. Our modular approach allows you to choose the right workshops according to your organizational needs. Provide your teams with a boost and support in becoming more productive.

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A Simple Method, Huge Impact

With over 16 years of global experience and thousands of organizations worldwide using our tools, we are committed to helping teams achieve greater insights, performance, and overall well-being.

Our programs are actionable, memorable, and drive organization-wide results for companies of all sizes, cross-culture, cross-gender, cross-generations!

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What are people saying?

Trusted by top global companies, read what the Points of You® solutions can do for your organization:


Points of You® tools and method generate authentic answers and a safe space to share the authentic answers to one and other.

Yeliz Çetinkaya,  Turkey

Points of You® is like a magnifier it supports the process of being on the scientific side with a twist of creativity. That’s why it’s genius. When placed in the right context it can facilitate quite some miracles.

Marianna Antonakaki, MINDSETMAPS™️ INTERNATIONAL,  Greece

I think Points of You® is the most effective way for team activities. It is simple, useful and funny. Thanks!

Erim Kirca, HUGO BOSS