What will your school gain?


  • Shaping School Environment

    Foster a positive school environment with dialogue, mindfulness, and self-reflection, empowering students and teachers to thrive.

  • Overcoming Conflicts

    Empower your school community to navigate conflicts constructively, to enchance communication, nurture relationships and promote growth.

  • Creating Vision & Goals

    Ignite collaboration in your school community by uncovering shared values, strengths, and aspirations for a collective vision.

  • School Wellness/Well-Being

    Nurture a climate of well-being within your school community, ranging from bolstering self-esteem to fostering an atmosphere of open communication.

What’s included?

  • Discovery Sessions
    These sessions set the tone for our journey, allowing exploration of aspirations, vision, and addressing specific needs and growth areas for your school.
  • Individualized School Workshops
    Using insights gathered during Discovery Sessions, our tailored school workshops address your distinct needs and challenges.
  • Train the Trainer Workshops
    We'll certify catalysts for positive change in your school community, equipping them with essential communication tools to foster open dialogues, embrace diverse perspectives, and cultivate innovative ideas.
  • Supervision and Implementation
    Our supervision sessions provide ongoing guidance and support, refining your skills in facilitating open dialogues, resolving conflicts, and effective communication.
  • Photo & Metaphor Based Tools
    Access our powerful tools, physical and digital, ready for use by your school team and students whenever a courageous conversation is needed.

What are people saying?

Here is a taste of their experience:

  • Marjolaine Rompre – Director L’Oréal,   Canada
    Aug 2023

    We use Points of You in team development interventions and witnessed team members quickly opening up with each other, identifying various team dysfunctions and vowing to overcome them.

  • R. Yiousellis Logicom,   Cyprus
    Aug 2023

    What impresses me the most is collaborative tools. It has significantly changed the way we brainstorm and make decisions. Points of You has also fostered a sense of transparency and accountability within the team

  • Erim Kirca, HUGO BOSS,   
    Apr 2023

    I think Points of You® is the most effective way for team activities. It is simple, useful and funny. Thanks!

A Simple Method, Huge Impact

With over 16 years of global experience and thousands of organizations worldwide using our tools, we are committed to helping teams achieve greater insights, performance, and overall well-being.

Our programs are actionable, memorable, and drive organization-wide results for companies of all sizes, cross-culture, cross-gender, cross-generations!

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