Internal Research

This is a ceremony, held with great simplicity. Meeting myself- asking the tough questions, bringing up emotions, allowing clarity, understanding and even knowledge. This is a human encounter, seeking eye contact, looking for truth, understanding that what we do not understand is not necessarily incorrect, but may simply be outside our angle of vision. It means attempting to expand our range of vision, find new viewpoints, move closer, move further away, stretch, stand on tiptoe, turn around.  It is a study that never ends, that is everywhere, all the time, in everything; it is the “why” and the “how”, it is a true, burning passion that drives our lives.


Unexpected but Precise

We are creative people and we present our work on stage in front of an audience. Unexpected is the package. Colorful and vital, different from what we know, sometimes illogical. It may have something disturbing, provoking indecision, or something captivating and tempting – the main thing is for the encounter with it to shake things up and open people’s eyes. Inside the package there is a message, the experience we have created has a narrative and it is accurate when it is relevant.



There is no dream without hunger. It begins with a little pecking that gets stronger and stronger, we begin to look, it grows into a real hunger, we close our eyes and try to imagine what will satisfy us, ideas pass before us until one of them ignites a flame, sparks excitement, enthusiasm, inspires us. We see the dream as a tool for leadership, for leading. A dream translated into vision and road map, a true dream inspiring motivation and belief, such a dream is contagious, it can be passed on, and that, in fact, is our mission.



Every dream has an Excell sheet. As much as it’s important for us to look inward and fly with our dreams, it is important to translate them into action. We are sworn ‘doers’: we mark targets, break them down into tasks, and move forward with determination to carry them out. True, sometimes it is a Sisyphean task, convoluted, frustrating, sometimes it takes a long time. But we have staying power, the question is not whether we will succeed, but when.



We interpret ‘devotion’ in the most intimate sense: To devote yourself it is necessary to strip off and to be together. Stripping off begins with coming closer, putting down the masks, first of all our own. Approaching in a way that is clean, simple, authentic, nothing to hide, no one is perfect. To connect and be connected to the dream that leads us and to fulfill it together, each one of us from our own place. We are a group of devotees and if you really want to join us, you have to devote yourself in return.

Thank You!

This is also the opportunity to say thank you to all the people that helped us along the way, we couldn’t have done it without you. A special thanks go out to our global amazing tribe, we couldn’t be more grateful. And to you! Thank you for joining us on this journey to open hearts & minds worldwide.

  • Our Tribe Millions of Tribe members
  • Friends The people who believed in us
  • Family Our roots, our home
  • You For being here with us!

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