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Take part in an amazing network of people from all over the world and enjoy a multicultural gathering across religions, genders and age.

Your Own Safe Space

Experience a safe space where you can always bring yourself authentically and come as you are. Share your challenges, shed your layers and feel that you belong.

Experience the Magic of the Group

Experience the magic of the group and enjoy meaningful face-to-face and online meetings that take place weekly, monthly and yearly.

Make Life-Long Connections

Base your connections on common interests, acceptance, solidarity and openness. Our tribe is a place where human connections are sparked – collegial, friendly and even romantic.

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Get access to amazing knowledge bases and professional resources that are updated frequently by our team and shared by our tribe members.

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Stretch your limits, collaborate and take part in a wide range of activities with professionals from all around the world. Promote yourself in brand new markets and audiences worldwide.

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Make the world a better place – help others, connect to your sense of purpose, pass it forward, and take part in our vision of creating experiences that open hearts & minds worldwide.

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Once you purchase one of our tools and/or workshops you get access to exclusive digital spaces, where we share professional content, events and promotions.

As part of our Love in Action, we welcome you into our free community spaces. Start connecting with other tribe members worldwide today.


What are people saying?

Every day, thousands of professionals throughout the world work with our must-have tools, which are an asset to any professional toolbox.


Points of You Tribe gave me the opportunity to build a family who acknowledges me as I am, and who gives the chance to reinvent my self.

Raquel Gossler Padilla,  Mexico

Points of You Tribe brought me friends for life, where I can be hugged with no fear. I want to share this experience with lots of people. I'm ready for the next steps and to follow my dream.

Veronica Navarro,  Mexico

Being able to have a "sense of belonging" with people from all over the world was a very heartwarming experience.

Chisa Taniguchi,  Japan

I have a new tribe of friends who I know will support me both personally and professionally.

Kristina Machusick,  United States

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