Semhar Asgodom
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    Points of You® Expert

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    English, German - Deutsch
  • About me:

    Semhar Asgodom is a coach, trainer and entrepreneur and has passed through a number of interesting stations on his career path. After working for renowned chefs in Munich and Sydney and running his own small restaurant, he changed industries in 2015. Initially in the organization and support of participants of the former Asgodom Coach Academy. In addition to his own training as a coach and trainer, he successfully drove forward the digitalization of the company, which is now called Asgodom Inspiration Company. His focus was on switching to online training and implementing technical solutions. The infrastructure designed for the future.

  • Short Descriptions:

    Semhar Asgodom, a versatile coach, trainer and entrepreneur, has had a varied career. After culinary experiences in Munich and Sydney and running his own restaurant, he has focused on coaching and digitalization since 2015. As part of the Asgodom Inspiration Company, he successfully drives online training and technical solutions. Semhar is a lecturer for hybrid formats and supports trainers in concept development. Together with Sabine Asgodom, he offers trainings in solution-oriented short-term coaching and trainings in coaching with visual materials.