Marta Monteiro
Coach and Personal Image Consultant
  • Certification Level:

    Points of You® Master

  • Overall Rate:
  • Origin Country:
  • Language:
    English, Portuguese - português
  • About me:

    Hi, from Portugal! I'm Marta, a Points of You® Master. I'm living my purpose through Points of You®. After more than 15 years connected with the fashion industry my life changed in 2011. It was a special time, when Points of You® gave me the tools to make that change. Through Points of You® I've grown both personally and professionally and it’s been an amazing support in my journey. Today, and with the help of Points of You® tools, I'm giving the best of myself to others, from the heart and with the heart. My mission is to create a.

  • Short Descriptions:

    Hi, from Portugal! I'm Marta, a Points of You® Master. My mission is to create a safe place where people feel encouraged to explore all their potential, in a positive way through practical, creative and, above all, effective tools.

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