Julija Slaby
Gestal Therapist, Transformation & Presence Coach.
  • Origin Country:
  • Language:
    English, Polish - polski, Russian - русский, Lithuanian - lietuvių
  • About me:

    Hi, from Poland! I'm Julija, a Points of You® Lead Master, and Country Leader of Poland. I'm also a Gestal therapist, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, international transformational and presence coach. I deeply believe in great potential and unique power of each of my clients and my role is to help them to discover it with a different perspective, in a creative way, full of joy, passion and trusting to the process of change.


What are people saying?

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My life was never the same after attending my 1st Points of You workshop. It was the biggest turning point of my life.

Winnie Chin,  United States (US)

Hello Points really allow you to experience the magic. It is a process full of surprising moments!

Sylvia Coca

Hello Points was an amazing opportunity to re-think my life. The facilitator, was very inspiring. Great experience for me. Thanks!

Juan Diego Chinchilla

The Academy certification program exceeded all my expectations. I am beyond excited to be a part of this wonderful community of people from all over the world.

Michelle Blumenfeld

I certainly didn't expect to come home changed on such a deep, personal level. The high lasted for days and days.

Kristina Machusick

Creative Practice brings out the best in an individual. Both the large group sharing the collective wisdom of small groups interactions.

Jason Low

Creative Practice sparked my desire to do more, to feel empowered and to know that change is possible. The 'self-doubt' has lifted and each day I reflect. I feel the journey has just begun.

Yvonne Dalorto

Top View is about who am I as facilitator, and also in the depth it is about who am, and the way I show that to the world. Very moving!

Raquel Gossler Padilla

Top View was a changing life journey. I connected to myself much more deeply than ever. I feel safe in all the ways. I'm much more confident about being me and I know that I'm on the right path.

Veronica Navarro

At Top View I understood that in my life I have been truthful to myself no matter what. I loved it and I had never noticed that part of myself. When I finally paused, my true self could come out.

Martha Veiga Caridad

Points of You Academy changed my life, I joined to learn tools to grow my business, and it was unexpected outcome that these tools turned my life inside out.

Martha Veiga Caridad

I returned from Top View with a sense of achievement in my ability to contain personal complexity and not only professional.

Rina Levitt

At the Points of You Academy, the mirroring of the other participants allows me to observe what some of my irritations about myself are.

Jennifer Shinkai

Top View encouraged me to really dig deep, show up and reconnect with some deeper parts of myself. Tears, laughter, and lots of unexpected but precise moments of personal and professional development.

Jennifer Shinkai

Thanks to Top View l conquered my fears and it feels amazing! I realize that being a Points of You facilitator is in my D.N.A.

Dana Lederer

The Academy programs will take you to the next level, at your own pace, in your own way, and beyond. True mastery in the details and of course the tools and facilitators, who make this experience unique and unforgettable.

Wing Yin Vegas Ho

At Top View I had two big realizations. Personally, I realized that I have an identity of being a woman, and the power of using it. Professionally, I understood in a deeper way what devotion means to me.

Susanna Ma

The Academy programs combine the personal and professional development perfectly, in a much deeper level than other programs. It was inspiring and confronting, worth to experience in our lives!

Susanna Ma

I went home from the Academy workshop with a full heart ready to see others being transformed by such a powerful tools.

Carolina Yin

It's the most inspirational, deep, respectful and solid training to become a master trainer that I have done so far. Highly recommended!!! Worth every penny!! Thank you!!!

Patricia Perez

Thanks to Top View I trust in my facilitations skills such as the ability to connect with people, to challenge them, to follow my intuition, to observe, to give feedback, and to keep learning from my own mistakes.

Patricia Perez,  Argentina

Top View was my biggest breakthrough my entire life to that point. It meant personally- facing my demons head-on. In order for me to be of service to others, I must first heal and free myself.

Winnie Chin,  United States

The Academy program literally left no stone unturned to provide everything you need to know to be a Master Facilitator of Points of Youֲ.

Winnie Chin

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