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    January 11, 2028
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What Will You Learn?

  • An Introduction to Points of You® Tools & Methods

    who we are, what stands behind our name with its double meaning and the values that guide us in our tools, contents, and actions in everything we do.

  • Introducing The Coaching Game

    The Coaching Game is a powerful tool that enhances development and change processes. It offers an easy way to reach surprisingly deep and get effective insights and results.

  • Time To Pause

    We will experience the power of pausing for a deep connection with ourselves, for introspection and an invitation to rest from our busy rhythm of life

  • Tuning In

    A daily question is an opportunity to deepen our observation of an area in our lives, expand our perspective, and identify patterns, beliefs and space for change. How do you formulate a question? What are the guidelines?

  • How to Observe A Card

    Learn how to observe the card -the photo and the word.

  • Digital Process Map

    Experience how to work with the digital map and how to turn your question into a complete process of insights, inspiration and action for implementation.

What Will You Gain
by Joining?

  • Deepening on a significant topic
    Expanding perspectives, getting tools for a meaningful and exciting dialogue with yourself and others
  • Change your Energy
    Share and recharge, so you can be open to new possibilities that wait for you.
  • Make your first step into the Points of You® world
    how to observe a photograph & word, how we formulate questions, and a digital process with cards from The Coaching Game.

What’s Included?

  • Digital Self-Guided Processes

    Online recorded course guided by Points of You® Lead Master Rina Levitt. Including integration process for self-development.

  • An opportunity for personal growth

    A direct line to keep in touch, ask questions and get more inspiration from us.

  • A Digital Process Map and Layout Chart

    To be used in your own practice


Who is it for?

For anyone who wants to embark on a journey of introspection, new discoveries about himself and the tools at his disposal with our unique techniques and tools

People talk about our workshops

Here is a taste of their experience:

  • Maayan Gross Shapiro, Israel
    Apr 2022

    In this fresh perspective on Leadership, Yeliz takes us to a practical workshop how to change my perspective on how I see leadership, through the process I felt I can take back the control over my leadership and see where I can influence the outcome and where not. Thank you for this session.

  • Elif Bulak, Turkey
    Apr 2022

    The workshop took me to an eye opening journey on leadership experience and challenges. Discussing issues openly in the presence and guidance of a very professional facilitator made the difference. Thank you Yeliz.

About the Facilitator

Yeliz Andıç Çetinkaya
HR Consultancy, Business Coach, Trainer
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  • About me:

    Hi, from Turkey! I'm Yeliz, a Points of You® Lead Master and Country Leader of Turkey. I have been running my own business for 17 years and I am serving as a business coach, organizational development consultant and as a facilitator.

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What’s Unique In Our processes:

  • Experiential and Uplifting

    Dynamic and emphasize learning by experience

  • Expand Your Professional Toolkit

    See our Tools and Method in action and learn how to apply them in diverse settings, audiences and purposes.

  • Be Part of a Global Tribe

    An amazing opportunity to get to know our facilitators and expand your networking.

  • Pause. Breathe. Listen

    Allow yourself to take a pause and to listen to your thoughts, body, feelings and heart. Increase your capacity to experience joy, contentment, stillness and creativity.

  • Inner-research Journey

    Get fresh views about yourself and your life. Observe your patterns, boundaries, priorities and potential. Ask yourself important questions that can take you beyond.

  • Embrace Your Vulnerability

    The perfect setting to reflect about your  passions, fears and challenges in a safe environment.

About the Venue

  • Online workshops allow us to come together, in a even more global setting, with individuals from diverse and amazing backgrounds!

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a recorded digital course. From the comfort of your own home, and in your own pace,  enjoy this experiential process.

We do offer solutions for participants without the actual tools, to maintain an unforgettable experience. Yet it is highly recommended to have The Coaching Game  so you can bring it to your professional workspace.

No, we are waiting for you on a digital journe

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  • My Daily Inspiration

    Digital Course

  • Welcome to the invitation to stop the race, dedicate a few minutes of silence and observation to yourself, and identify topics that occupy you.
    Accurate questions allow us to examine different topics or aspects of our lives. But how do we choose a question, how do we formulate it and what allows us to explore it with innovative, creative and intuitive tools?

    In this course you will have the opportunity to work with a digital map with The Coaching Game, choose at any moment an intriguing question and work with the tool to expand perspectives.

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    January 11, 2028
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