What Will You Learn?


  • The Art of Point of You® Facilitation

    Learn the secrets and the magic of our innovative facilitation style.

  • Dive Deep into the Points of You® DNA

    Learn the Points of You® philosophy as a way of life.

  • Master Healing Techniques

    Practice how to integrate phototherapy, mindfulness, coaching and music into your facilitation to make them unique and meaningful experiences.

  • How to Bring Presence and Awareness to your Facilitation

    Learn techniques that will help you translate the beauty of the current moment into a powerful and inspiring presence.

  • Develop Points of You® Style Experiences from A to Z

    Learn how to develop well-structured, exciting and meaningful experiences that empower you to lead personal breakthroughs.

  • Facilitation as a Performance

    Captivate your audience by using clear and structured methods that bring out your own personal in a way that sparks inspiration and connection.

What Will You Gain by Joining?

  • Become a Master Facilitator
    Expand, refine and develop your facilitation skills that will allow you to live up to your full potential as a facilitator, mentor and leader.
  • Fulfill Your Call to Leadership
    Become a source of inspiration, a professional authority and influencer in our Points of You® global tribe and your local one.
  • Embark on an Inner Journey Quest of Self-Discovery
    Build your identity as a leader and facilitator. Get clarity on your strengths and weaknesses and learn how to love and work with them.
  • Spark a Strategic Partnership
    Become a strategic partner and work with the Points of You® Professional Development Team to gain royalties when your content is delivered by others.

What’s Included?

  • All-Inclusive Program

    10-day program at luxury nature resort, with healthy delicious food in inspiring locations all around the world. (L.3 training + L.4 training)

  • All the Points of You Tools

    The Coaching Game, Punctum, Faces, Flow, Facilitation Boost Box,

  • Facilitator Concept Pack

    Over 300-page program book, branded designer notebook, exclusive sets of cards, goodie bag and digital courses that will teach you how To Facilitate our exclusive workshops.

  • Business Development Pack

    Promote and deliver your content on the official Points of You® platforms and get ongoing professional support and up to date content by Points of You® HQ.


Who is it for?

Our Master training program brings together the best of the best Points of You® facilitators.
For this prestigious training program, we handpick the dream team of facilitators who are humble, devoted and passionate about our vision of opening hearts & minds worldwide.

This program is the 4th level of accreditation in the Points of You® Academy and once completing all the requirements
you receive the official title – Points of You® Master.

If you will decide you want to facilitate our exclusive programs, collect professional points with us and become Points of You® Lead Master.

Don’t Take Our Word… Take Theirs!

Only 100 people from all over the world have been chosen to participate in Top View program and they’re here to tell you about their experience.

What’s Unique In Our Workshops:

  • Experiential and Uplifting

    Our workshops are dynamic and emphasize learning by experience, practice and heart-to-heart interaction with others.

  • Expand Your Professional Toolkit

    See our Tools and Method in action and learn how to apply them in diverse settings, audiences and purposes.

  • Be Part of a Global Tribe

    An amazing opportunity to create connections, network and share knowledge with expert professionals from all over the world.

  • Pause. Breathe. Listen

    Allow yourself to take a pause and to listen to your thoughts, body, feelings and heart. Increase your capacity to experience joy, contentment, stillness and creativity.

  • Inner-research Journey

    Get fresh views about yourself and your life. Observe your patterns, boundaries, priorities and potential. Ask yourself important questions that can take you beyond.

  • Embrace Your Vulnerability

    The perfect setting for a deep & authentic dialogue. It allows participant to open up and express their passions, fears and challenges in a safe supportive environment.

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לבל 4 – Master Certification