What Will You Learn?

  • Step Into the Points of You® World

    Get to know the world and concept of Points of You®

  • Experience the Power of Therapeutic Photography

    Get familiar with phototherapy and see how visual imagery can be used to bypass cognitive filters to give an easier access to imagination, intuition, resources and the unconscious.

  • Expand Your Professional Toolkit

    Learn how to work effectively with 2 of our tools - The Coaching Game and Punctum - in diverse: settings, audiences and purposes.

  • Discover the Power of Visual Layout Charts

    Explore the different ways you can use structured process layout charts, as a tool for reflection and mapping of thoughts and emotions.

What Will You Gain
by Joining?

  • Powerful Tools
    Experience two Points of You® tools that are effective in creating meaningful conversations and authentic dialogues.
  • Experience, then Facilitate
    Integrate our tools into your practice by first experiencing their impact on yourself to see the nuances that will make the difference to your clients.
  • Add Creativity & Juiciness
    Using creative and visual tools helps you lead personal development processes that are experiential, inspirational and surprising.
  • A Self-Reflection Journey
    Make space to pause, breath and meet yourself. Gain valuable insights on issues from your life that you are currently dealing with.

What’s Included?

  • Hybrid Workshop - Hello Points

    A 7.5-hours of live facilitation (face-to-face/Zoom) with an online guided process before & after.

  • 2 Points of You® Tools:

    The Coaching Game

  • Participant Concept Pack

    Workshop handbook, branded notebook, 'Hello Points' workshop exclusive set of cards, goodie bag and a canvas bag.

  • Academy Level 1 Certification

    This is Level 1 of our Academy and completion of this workshop will grant you with the official title - Points of You® Explorer.

  • International Accreditation

    Get a Certificate of Attendance and 6 CCEU's at the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

  • Access our Knowledge Base

    Get access to our amazing knowledge base and professional resources.


Who is it for?

All kind of professionals!
From coaches and trainers, to psychologists, counselors, social workers, facilitators, teachers, people managers. A unique and surprising experience for anyone who would like to expand their professional toolkit and bring in a new quality to their dialogues.

Interested to get certified?
This program is your Level 1 to become a Certified Facilitator.

Over 10,000 Have Participated

Here is a taste of their experience:

  • Winnie Chin, United States (US)
    Mar 2022

    My life was never the same after attending my 1st Points of You workshop. It was the biggest turning point of my life.

  • Sylvia Coca, Spain
    Apr 2022

    Hello Points really allow you to experience the magic. It is a process full of surprising moments!

  • Winnie Chin, United States (US)
    Mar 2022

    My life was never the same after attending my 1st Points of You workshop. It was the biggest turning point of my life. Little did I know that I am embarking on a journey to creating a life bigger than myself.

Workshop Table of Content:


  • U1 Welcome & Introduction
  • U2 How to Observe a Photo and a Title
  • U3 Zooming In with The Coaching Game
  • U4 My Story with Punctum
  • U5 Working with Layout Charts
  • U6 Closure

What’s Unique In Our Workshops:

  • Experiential and Uplifting

    Our workshops are dynamic and emphasize learning by experience, practice and heart-to-heart interaction with others.

  • Expand Your Professional Toolkit

    See our Tools and Method in action and learn how to apply them in diverse settings, audiences and purposes.

  • Be Part of a Global Tribe

    An amazing opportunity to create connections, network and share knowledge with expert professionals from all over the world.

  • Pause. Breathe. Listen

    Allow yourself to take a pause and to listen to your thoughts, body, feelings and heart. Increase your capacity to experience joy, contentment, stillness and creativity.

  • Inner-research Journey

    Get fresh views about yourself and your life. Observe your patterns, boundaries, priorities and potential. Ask yourself important questions that can take you beyond.

  • Embrace Your Vulnerability

    The perfect setting for a deep & authentic dialogue. It allows participant to open up and express their passions, fears and challenges in a safe supportive environment.

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Hello Points_765x765
Hello Points 12/2/23
Feb 12-14, 2023
Hello Points_765x765
Hello Points 25/01/23
Jan 25-27, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

The Hello Points is a magical and surprising live workshop. We offer it online and face to face. It can be in an amazing location or from your couch. Because we structure it in a hybrid and creative way- both work.

We will ship to you The Coaching Game, Punctum and all workshop materials with no additional cost. Once you’ll continue to check out you’ll be able to add your shipping address. Please note that local taxes and custom fees may apply in some countries.

We offer solutions for participants without the actual tools, yet it is highly recommended to have The Coaching Game and Punctum during the workshop. Your observations, interactions, and insights will be much more powerful.

A part of the magic of our workshops is that we have participants from all over the world with English not being their native language. Our facilitators will create the precise atmosphere so you’ll feel comfortable to ask anything if you don’t understand and will create the ideal setting for you to express yourself to the max. We believe that you’ll be amazed to see how much you understand and feel understood.

Yes, Hello Points is the Level 1 of our Academy. It means that if you’ll choose continue your certification journey with us – by attending Hello Points you acquiree your Level 1 requirements.
Once you’ll continue to Level 2 certification – and complete all the certification requirements – you’ll become a Points of You® Practitioner and may facilitate some of our official workshops in your country.

The Hello Points workshop is offered on a variety of dates and with different facilitators. Please contact us for more information. (click on the chat icon below or leave your details on this page)

We share recordings only with the registered participants. Our workshops are based on sharing and connecting people.  The best recommendation for the full experience is to be there physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Yes. we have an instalments plan. Talk to us through our live chat on the bottom right side.

If after attending the workshop, you do not feel you have received significant value to your personal/professional life – you will receive a full refund!

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Level 1 – Explorer Certification