Four ways to pay it forward and Stand with Israel ❤️

When you donate..we will add a personal note from you to those in need 🙏🏼

  • Tools-Click here to Help us provide social workers and coaches working with disaster-affected individuals access to Points of You®️ tools. Your contribution will equip them with a powerful toolkit they need to support and empower those going through difficult times.
  • Donate a 1-on-1 Session- Click here to Extend a much-needed helping hand to those grappling with trauma or loss who don’t have access to it. Help. Through your donation, we will be able to provide professional, one-on-one sessions for individuals in need of emotional support and healing.
  • Sponsor a Healing Retreat Spot– Click here to Sponsor a spot in the Healing Retreat: Support survivors and victims in need by sponsoring their participation in a specially designed Healing Retreat. Your sponsorship will provide them with a transformative experience, offering them a safe space to heal, recover, and restore their well-being.
  • Professional experties– we welcome contributions in the form of your professional expertise. Psychologists, certified therapists, and counselors, please join our Tribe space – it’s a place for human connections and inspiration. And share your ideas on how to use our tools to create effective layout charts and processes that can help those in need. Your insights and support will help us make an even greater impact on the lives of those affected by these challenging circumstances. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and seeing how we can work together towards a brighter tomorrow.
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