Invest in Essential Communication Skills

Combine 2 effective Speak Up Solutions to transform how your team communicates:

  • Build a stronger, aligned, high-performance team.
  • Empower managers to become powerful communicators.
  • Enhance collaboration and information flow and reduce misunderstandings.
  • Utilize hands-on, tried-and-tested techniques that go deep.
  • Designed to suit real-life workplace scenarios throughout the Employee Journey.
  • Best value pack for online meetings and for working with remote teams.
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What’s included?

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Speak Up Digital

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Frequently Asked Questions

At the moment, Speak Up is available only in English.

You’ll find a variety of resources on our Speak Up Digital platform, including:

‘How to’ Videos
Watch our short yet powerful videos that teach the basics of using Speak Up.
From observing images to working with Dialogue Starters – we’ve got you covered.

Dialogue Starters

Our Digital Dialogue Starters templates for various workplace scenarios based
on the employee journey. Use them with your team to capture insights and actions.

Gain new perspectives about each theme featured on our Word cards with
additional inspiration in the form of stories, quotes, and questions.

Community & Support
Join our global community of like-minded professionals from around the world!
Connect, find inspiration and share your own experiences. Plus, get exclusive
access to get support from our lead professionals, dedicated to helping you grow
with Speak Up.

Speak Up Digital will go live on 5/7/2023. Pre-order a 1-year membership plan today!

Currently, we have two dates available: 5/7/23 at 11 AM UTC and 11/7/23 at 4 PM UTC. After purchasing this special offer and completing checkout, you will receive a coupon code and a link to choose your workshop date. You will be able to redeem your attendance in the workshop until 31/12/24.