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CL Panama & Republica Dominicana

Points of You Certified Trainer · Life & Business Strategist · Strategic Consultant · CEO · Speaker · Coach · Trainer · Ceo Advisor

Strategic Consulting · CEO · Speaking · Coaching · Training · Advisoring · Communication

We are all connected and all we have a purpose in life that we need to discover and develop.

Helping leaders to lead their lives and companies through getting balance. Facilitating organizational and personal changes. Helping companies to be known and grow.
Executive Forum Advisor. Group Leader, guide people through the process of personal transformation.
Responsible for bringing to companies new technologies to be able to grow in values for their customers.

Something that inspired me lately:

I am fascinated by what makes the world go round, and what my place is in the scheme of things. I love to find deeper significance in the events that go on around me and in people.

Phone: +5491153778366


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