Founder and Director of [email protected] & Professional Facilitators Alliance, IAF Professional Facilitator & Assessor, Life Coach, Trainer, & iChing Practitioner

Change, Facilitation, Leadership and Team Development

The only constant is change in this world and I strive to inspire people to take charge of their total well-being in order to enhance their capacity to learn, change, and grow. 

With my years of knowledge in people engagement and corporate management skills in Organisational Development, Management Consultancy, Human Resource and Change Management, I have enjoyed serving my clients to help them enhance their capacity to manage change, collaboration, relationships and performances.
Being a I-Ching/Chinese Metaphysics practitioner who does deep research into understanding the connections, interactions and law of the Universe with the ongoing scientific discovery about quantum physics and energy, I have come to conclude and understand how we are able to decode our patterns of life and achieve breakthroughs using the unchangeable to handle the many changes around us.
My work on total well-being and transformation includes deploying the concepts of iChing in my life coaching and facilitation endeavors and bringing the natural healing methods of aromatherapy to rejuvenate and manage our body, mind and soul. I am extremely energized when I am able to work with people who are keen to review and understand their thought process, choices in life and how to go about making positive change.  

Something that inspired me lately: 
Reconnecting to Verses and Teachings of Tao.


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