Vanessa Delgado
  • Certification Level:

    Points of You® Lead Master

  • Origin Country:
  • Language:
    English, Spanish - español
  • About me:

    Founder: HR Consultant - Diversa® Human Mentor Movement® Book Club - The Book Lab® Business Partner Points of You® PerU

  • Short Descriptions:

    Professor at the Graduate Schools of Universidad Pacifico and UTP. Master in Educational Management and University Teaching. Thanatologist Therapy. MBSR Mindfulness studies at BROWN University and Past Life Therapy in the USA with Brian Weiss. Lead Master Points of You®, LEGO® Serious Play® Facilitator, Trainer in Safe Conversations, Compassionate Listening. Kirkpatrick Bronze Level. Visual Thinking, Agile HR, NLP, Outdoor Training, Clown and Percussion.International Senior Instructor in Mind Maps by Tony Buzan®.International Trainer in Poland, USA, Brazil, Argentina among other countries.