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My life was never the same after attending my 1st Points of You workshop. It was the biggest turning point of my life.

Winnie Chin,  United States

"What impresses me the most is collaborative tools. It has significantly changed the way we brainstorm and make decisions. Points of You has also fostered a sense of transparency and accountability within the team".

R. Yiousellis, LOGICOM

My life was never the same after attending my 1st Points of You workshop. It was the biggest turning point of my life. Little did I know that I am embarking on a journey to creating a life bigger than myself.

Winnie Chin,  United States

"Points of You® is like a magnifier it supports the process of being on the scientific side with a twist of creativity. That’s why it’s genius. When placed in the right context it can facilitate quite some miracles".


Hello Points really allow you to experience the magic. It is a process full of surprising moments!

Sylvia Coca,  Spain

Hello Points was an amazing opportunity to re-think my life. The facilitator, was very inspiring. Great experience for me. Thanks!

Juan Diego Chinchilla,  Costa Rica

Having myself as the subject of profound observation in Points of You workshops has allowed me to grow both as a person and as a professional.

Roberto Paez,  Peru

Thanks for this amazing workshop experience online that pushes forward and puts us in bigger shoes! :)

Corinne Moret,  France

The workshop deepened my self awareness. Letting go piece by piece, from what prevents me from living life as it is cheerfully.

Herlani Pandojo,  Indonesia

I came out of the workshop with greater self-awareness, strengthened and better prepared to serve all those who seek personal and professional evolution.

Robson Santarem

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