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My new life post corona

Join us for a deep & profound experience

It seems that covid-19 may slowly fade away in the next 4-6 months and our life will go back to normal.

But will it? Do you really want your life to go back to what it was before?
Join us for a powerful workshop – 'Hello Points' - it’s an invitation to reflect and process the crazy period that you went through during the last 1+ year. Gain clarity and bring Joy into your life after a long stressful period.

It’s a new dance with life.

Find your rhythm

We are in a precious "In Between" period where things are not back to
what they used to be and the new reality is not yet fully established.
Get ready for a live workshop & digital journey full of experiences and
insights that will serve you significantly in your life.


FREE Express Shipping for Workshop Materials

Limited Spots Available

  • Facilitated by Marek Wardecki, 

    Points of You® Lead Master

  • Our unique Tools & Workshops have been translated

    into more than 30 languages & have opened hearts and minds in

    more than 150 countries across the globe.

Hello Points Workshop online

3 zoom sessions, 3 hrs. each

February 7th ,8th ,9th 

13:00- 15:30 GMT



Feel the vibes of our online events. 
Get ready for Mind & Heart opening experience



'Hello Points' digital workshop includes:

  • Our bestselling games for personal transformation – The Coaching Game & Punctum shipped to you at no additional costs

  • Concept Pack with participant's handout, journal, badges and lots of inspiring goodies shipped to you at no additional costs

  • Digital Certificate of Attendance

  • Are you a certified coach? Get 6 CCEU from ICF

  • Experience a deep process facilitated by Points of You Lead Master

  • Bonus: Brand new digital Participant Kit for interactive online experience

An extraordinary

life-affirming experience!

Heart-opening activities that offer relief from stress and anxiety

Gain new levels of
intuition and creativity

Uncover your own answers,
realize your deepest truth

Learn creative and fun ways to enhance your well-being

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