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We designed our Tools and Workshops to work in diverse settings, environments, contexts and objectives. Choose the one that fits your needs best:


Creative Tools Based on Photos & Metaphors

Our tools leverage the powerful language of photos, utilizing science-backed techniques to ignite imagination, trigger intuition, provoke thought, and spark authentic dialogue.

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A Culture of Dialogue for Your Organization

Our game-changing suite of solutions will transform how your teams communicate and collaborate. Create space for your employees to speak up, boosting team performance and well-being.

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Workshops that Enhance & Uplift

We design our workshops as engaging performances, aiming for you to experience, observe, and participate. We’ll shake things up, open your eyes to new possibilities, and create a safe space for heart-to-heart connections.

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Climb Up the Ladder of Mastery

Looking to deepen your practice and knowledge? Our Academy offers an amazing opportunity to teach and learn simultaneously, and to become an official Certified Facilitator in our rapidly growing global community.

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Opening Minds & Hearts Worldwide

OWe believe that everything around us offers countless points of view. When we don’t understand something or someone, it’s often because our perspective is too limited to see the full picture.

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  • 30+ Languages
  • 147+ Countries
  • 2000+ Facilitators
  • 500K+ Participants

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What Are People Saying?

Thousands of professionals and organizations worldwide use our must-have tools, essential for any toolkit.


As an ICF-certified coach and founder of Akadi, I found the answer with Speak Up by Points of You®️. This precise and dynamic tool fosters deep exchanges and collective development. A true revelation!

Catherine Fouilland – ICF Certified Coach – Founder of Akadi,  France

I think Points of You® is the most effective way for team activities. It is simple, useful and funny.


...I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for such a great learning experience and overall support to help us be Assertive Business Partners.

Linda Verplanck – Senior Director, TEVA,  Netherlands

Since I started to use Points of You with my partner, our relationship is more confident and tough conversations have become easy.

Quique Torres,  Spain

No matter how much resistance you have, how rationale you are, or how tough you are- Points of You MAKES YOU FEEL, CONNECT AND EXPERIENCE yourself!

Guadalupe Ramos,  Mexico

At the beginning, leaders and business teams said to me- "What? You brought tarot?". But after they understood what it was, they decided to use the tools and now they ask me all the time- "Did you bring the tools?".

Sylvia Coca Herrero,  Spain

Points of You helped me to understand and forgive myself. It is about guiding my following steps towards the unexpected. I understand now that Points of You is not a tool, it is a way of living.

Martha Veiga Caridad,  Mexico

The managers gave really positive feedback on Points of You! They all said that this training was a good opportunity to communicate through pictures, and share their values with each other.

Tomohisa Hashimoto,  Japan

Points of You's visual thinking helps my kids to handle their emotions and it's also a fun way to strengthen our mutual communication.

Radek Pernica,  Czech Republic

Through Points of You I have experienced the power of coaching like never before.

Wing Yin Vegas Ho,  China

I use Points of You with my family members all the time. I would say that this is one of the most amazing tools to open people's heart.

Salmon Chow,  Hong Kong

Point of You it's one of the best tools for creative processes. It helps understand that all of us are very different but at the same time, we are almost the same.

Juan Diego Chinchilla,  Costa Rica

The whole Points of You experience is a true life changer. The tools bring light on so many different levels, and allow you to feel free to be the openhearted person you were meant to be.

Zouliga Malki,  Belgium

I use Points of You tools in the following companies: Medical team, teachers in schools in Brussels, Fujitsu IT team, Audacity Coach ICF ACSTH coach training, ING Bank, NGOs

Said Mellouli,  Belgium

I have been searching throughout my adult life for something that resonated with my love and passion. Points of You is a total package for me. It's magical and it has transformed me inside out.

Winnie Chin,  United States

Business Trainer Certification

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